Infant Welfare Society of Chicago, 3600 W. Fullerton, Chicago, IL 60647 - 773-782-2800

Infant Welfare Society Auxiliary  

Celebrating over a century of service and support of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago    

North Shore Chapter

Organized 1953

Elise Klein

Currently the Chapter has 
13 Active Members 

In FY2016 we
 volunteered 700 hours

Special Events
In FY2016 the Chapter raised more 
than $57,000.  Events included "Cheers and Charity” at Sawbridge Studios, Mother's Day personalized card-making at the Clinic and See Santa.

The North Shore Chapter held its annual Mother’s Day Card Making activity at the IWS Clinic on Friday, May 12th. We brought colorful card stock, thousands of stickers, markers, crayons, etc. and set up the Community Room just like an art room. Patients who were at the Clinic that day joined us in the to make personalized cards for their moms, aunts and grandmothers. About 25 families came to the event and fun was had by all. This is our favorite and most heart warming event. We love watching the kids and parents beautifully decorate each Mother’s Card.

For further information 
about upcoming events 
or becoming a member 
please contact: 

Maria Penland 773-782-5041

L-R: Eva Levy, Michelle Maestre, Mary Osimitz, Margot Weinberg,  Renee Richart. Not pictured: Elise Klein, Susan Schwartz. Peggy Nelson