Infant Welfare Society of Chicago, 3600 W. Fullerton, Chicago, IL 60647 - 773-782-2800

Infant Welfare Society Auxiliary  

Celebrating over a century of service and support of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago    

Lisle/Naperville Chapter

Organized 1964

Rosalyn Sue Blair

Currently the Chapter has 12 Active Members and 3 other members. 

In FY2016 we 
volunteered 967 hours 

Special Events
In FY2016 the Chapter raised $8,200. Events included parking cars for 
the Lisle “Eyes to the Skies” festival 

Memorial and Honor
donations totaled $175

On April 25th, many of our members went to the White Eagle Country Club in Aurora to celebrate a very special birthday. The most senior member of our group, Shar Spurgeon, turned 88 April 30th. Shar has been a member of the Lisle/Naperville Chapter for 37 years. We are truly grateful for her service over the years. She is one classy lady!

For further information 
about upcoming events 
or becoming a member 
please contact:

Maria Penland 773-782-5041​
Lisle members celebrate a very special birthday for Char Spurgeon.

​We look forward to our mini-fundraiser - parking cars at Lisle’s “Eyes to the Skies” festival over the 4th of July.