Infant Welfare Society of Chicago, 3600 W. Fullerton, Chicago, IL 60647 - 773-782-2800

Infant Welfare Society Auxiliary  

Celebrating over a century of service and support of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago    

Lake Forest Chapter

Organized 1926 

Jennifer Mower

Currently the Chapter has 85 Active Members and 57 other members 

In FY2019 we 
volunteered 2,277 hours.

Special Events
In FY2019 the Chaper raised $37,000,
Events included  Antique Sale, 
Coat Drive and See Santa.

Memorial and Honor
donations totaled $300


April 25 - May 17, 2020
Showhouse & Gardens

Maria Penland 773-782-5041

​To learn more about our 
Showhouse please visit:

2019 Antiques Chairs: 
Jane Duncan and Jenny Mulliken
Our 52nd Annual Antiques & Treasures in the Field, Sunday, September 11th was a huge success. With more than 40 antique vendors, Treasures Tent, bake sale, and lunch on the grill by Grafitti Grill, a good time was had by all. Many thanks to our enthusiastic board and junior board members and the generosity of all our donors, especially Anna Schuster, for helping fill our Treasures Tent. Thanks also to Jerry Isikoff for working all areas of the event with a smile on his face. This year, instead of having a raffle, we did a push for extra dollars for the Centering Room build-out and brought in $2,000 for that.

Additionally, during the spring we initiated the Join US Campaign 2019 which brought in over $12,000 from members and past Showhouse sponsors.
Relaxing after Treasures set-up